Nanantsu No Taizai 158: Powerful Warriors far and wide come to fight Hawk.

The Seven Deadly Sins 158

It has been a while, but I’m back to doing reviews for the Seven Deadly Sins! This time we catch back up to all the powerful warriors who have come to wish to fight the magnificent scrap clean up leader: Hawk!


Always great to see new characters introduced in the series. I know the front picture I have pictured the Zoro looking swordsman, but I’m really actually more interested in the religous guy with the hammer. Nakaba is a really good writer when it comes to writing about characters with amazing abilities, and are throughout the world. Really compliments the world building for the series. The assassins too caught my eye, for I’m wondering how an Assassin will win a tournament when it comes to just fighting. Hawk always provides the entertainment, and Gil Thunder, and Hauser combinations look well developed the stronger they get. Nakaba adds so much detail to his art. Really makes me feel like I’m in the series when I see the minor details that are drawn throughout.


I can’t really say there was any negatives in this chapter, but I can’t say this chapter was perfect. I think one of the things that irk me is that Diane’s memory lost really is not a story line I’m interested in. I’m also more interested in Ban, and Mel’s story line, and the females of the character not named Elaine, or Merlin don’t interest me. So I think when a chapter has a large portion of it dedicated to them I get really annoyed, but I can’t really fault the chapter for my personal opinion.

All and all I give this chapter a 7/10. A good chapter, needed more substance in it to be a great chapter, despite not really having much faults.  For next chapter please give me more Ban please!


Dragon Ball Super 08: Space is VAAAAAAST

Dragon Ball Super 08

Welcome back guys to another awesome Dragon Ball Super review. This time we are finally out of the movies, and we are into a brand new saga for Dragon Ball. Let’s began.


Really good chapter. It was a very informational chapter with excellent amount of world building. Planet Salad was good information, cause we see how the other Saiyans survive in universe 6. Also made hype for Chill the Frieza look alike. It seems he’s ten times more powerful than Piccolo, Goku, and Vegeta. Wait did Piccolo just hint that he himself got a power-up? It would be great to see a God-Mode Piccolo.  The humor in this chapter is classic Dragon Ball from the original series. Plus the tournaments in Dragon Ball are usually the best parts of the series, and this reminds me the class tournament in the original Dragon Ball with Roshi’s sister Baibini. I guess Buu needed to absorb an intelligent character. Surprised that Goku passed the test, I remember him back in the original learning basic elementary stuff.


While there isn’t much to complain about, I would like it better if the fighters on team Champa were not treated as jokes. Granted I don’t expect them all to be SSGSS, but at the same time I expect them to atleast be SSJ2 strong. It’s the top 5 warriors from each universe, and sitting here and watching Goku stomp him was the classic Dragon Ball that none of us liked. It also makes it hard to see Piccolo winning the next fights if he truly hasn’t gotten a powerup. For he’s not going to beat opponents that Vegeta, and Goku can’t beat.

Overall I give this chapter a 8/10. Really excited to see the next things that come out of this series. Hopefully some Piccolo stuff in the next chapter, and where the hell is Gohan?


Bleach 660: Yes let’s say are master plan out loud to omniscient people.

Bleach 660

Welcome back to another Bleach review. In this chapter we learned that we’re going to announce our plans out loud to people who can see the future, and already know if it’s going to work or now.  I’m sorry but Yawch’s ability is too perfect in my honest opinion, and it’s making it harder for me to see the possibility in beating him in the series, but I’m sure Ichigo will find a way.

Positives: I always really like the interactions between Ishida, and Ichigo. I’ve always wanted the relationship to develop, and the rivalry to get better because I really believe that the two characters are really the same coin. That had similar backstories, and both really hated each other from the get go. It’s also nice to see how their friendship got this strong. Really makes it seem funny that Chad was just completely left out of this little rivalry because there is no way he can catch up. Really like how tense the series lately, it’s Bleach so we know how the series is going to end, but still I don’t even know how the Yawch will be defeated. Which is enjoyable because it keeps me interested in the series, which Bleach has a hard time doing.

Negatives- With that being said, it also makes some of the situations hard to digest. I don’t see their being a way that Ichigo or Ishida can conceivably win against Hashawalch. He see’s the future, and he knows what Ishida’s plans are with the sun bombs he planted. It makes me wonder what he doesn’t just kill them now instead of just playing with them. Makes most scenerios in this series hard to digest because I can’t see a way for the bad guys to lose without some serious PIS/CIS. This is Kubo so I expect him to come up with some equally ridiculous ways for the gang to win.

All and All I give this chapter a 7/10. It was a good chapter. I enjoyed the exchange between the two characters, and I really excited to see how this plays out, but please for the love of Kubo make it something believable.

Toriko 356: The pacing is just horrendous

Toriko 356

Welcome back to another wonderful review of Toriko 356. Let me just say I’m hating the pacing of current Toriko. It’s really gotten to the point where it’s not fun that we off paneled the dream ingredients for the main characters of the series, just so we can get to some cool flashy fight scenes!

Positives: For me the best part of Toriko is the world surrounding it. The wonderful ideas, and places that we get to see. The cave where time is 200,000 times faster than normal was a great idea, that I wanted to see how they over come it. Jirou’s face at the end was cool, and how the chapter ends makes me excited that I want to see the next chapter. However.


What is up with this pacing? Three cool potential small arcs, with world building was skipped so we can get to some cool flashy fight scenes? I know Toriko has great fights. However it has an even better world out there that I want to explore. The GW was hyped to be something wonderful to explore, but here we are skipping the major sections of the GW. It makes me as a reader who invested his time in the series disappointing because now it skipped places and events I wanted to see with the characters I invested my own time into.

I give this 5/10 because the pacing just really killed all enjoyment I could possibly have.


One Piece 814: Sanji Zoldyck

One Piece 814.png

Welcome back to another wonderful review for One Piece chapter 814. This chapter we really learned how Zoro is secretly in love with Sanji, and misses him dearly. Plus we also learned that Sanji has assassin blood in him. Who know kicking people was a sure fire way to kill them secretly! Let’s begin!


Chapter was basically a a recap on the situation at hand right now. However I must say Nekomumashi was my favorite thing about this chapter. The lasagna reminded me Garfield, and him chasing the cat nip, and opening up his wounds over a ball of yarn was classic One Piece humor that I love so much. Chopper developing a crush on the reindeer was pretty cute scene. Also I loved how the SH’s recap with one another over current events. Really like the reveal of Sanji’s family being assassins. I personally think it’s much better than being a son of a noble. Something we already seen play out with Doflamingo.

Negatives- Not too many negatives over this chapter, but Zoro really annoyed me. I know he has a rivalry with Sanji, but to see him treat Sanji like that despite having all the facts really made no sense to me. Everyone says its in Zoro’s nature, but honestly I really thought it was out of his nature. Luffy already waged war on Big Mom, and nothing Sanji did made that anyworse. If anything it made it better. I think this was just a misstep in direction for Zoro, or perhaps he’s hiding his inner love for Sanji, by pretending he doesn’t care.


All in all this chapter was really good, and this Zou arc is shaping up to be better, and better. I rate this chapter 8/10. Next week I predict that Brooke reveals what he knows about the Vinsmoke family. Hope you enjoyed the read have a wonderful day! 🙂

Zoro loves Sanji

Toriko 355-EOS Toriko will have 700 million Demons.

Toriko 355

Welcome back to the another exciting chapter of Toriko. Today we learned that the olfactory sense isn’t the most useless thing to surviving! Also that Toriko still hasn’t learned he can’t fight a king!


As per usual the hype for Toriko is on point, and the continental splitting attack was on point. The abilities of the Wolf King continues to make it amazing. The Jirou hype was also really fun because anything with Jirou is just epic. Makes me miss Jirou, yes let’s go back to him please.


It seems like the fights in Toriko are all about, my attacks are bigger than yours! Really wish we would have more choreography in the fights. Hype attacks are cool, but it is really hard to appreciate them because it’s every chapter. Toriko having three demons is really stupid. Especially because we still haven’t gotten development for two of them.  Also never am I big fan of off paneling events. So not seeing the interactions of Zebra, and Buranch ticks me off because it was the one group I really wanted to see.


Overall I rate this chapter an 7/10. It was good, but it left several things to be desired to be a good chapter. I predict next chapter more flashbacks of small tidbits of information that was skipped over.



Bleach 659: I’m pretty sure doctors get paid more

Bleach 659

Welcome to my first Bleach review! With the revival of Hitsuguya we learn that Gerald’s miracles don’t really work, because he’s the only character we really wanted dead! *Crickets* anyways time to get this started!


I’m one of the rare people you see in this world that actually like Ishida, but his little past that was revealed in this chapter was really morbid, and made me respect him a little more as a character. Hitsuguya’s banter with Gerald was pretty fun to read, and I’m interested to see how, again, after losing to a bottom ranking member, he somehow beats a top ranking Sternritter. Is there enough quincy around to match up to all the possible people? I’m not sure everyone got a fight. The pacing was a bit better than normal Bleach chapters.


Really hoping we start moving on, because I don’t think there are enemies left, and I don’t think we really need to drag on the ending any longer than we have too. Chapters like these have good content, but we need to pick this up into high gear. The end of the chapter I didn’t really care about because I figure Ishida and Ichigo aren’t going to go at it. If anything from the looks of their face it looked like long lost lovers found each other. Also not a fan of characters who are supposed to be dead, are alive. Gerald also seems like a wannabe Yammy, which we know will never happen.


That’s all for this chapter. I predict next chapter has a little chit chat between our star crossed lovers, and then we go back to Gerald vs. Hits, and Hits making Gerald unlock his true form to end next chapter, but chapters rarely end like that in Bleach. I rate this chapter 6/10, decent.

(When it comes to Bleach, I’m very bad with spelling names!)