Science Article:Brain: The negative always out ways the positive

Broken Heart

Recently, to most of my readers may not no, but have been wondering where I have been as of late, I have recently got into a real bad break up. Really broke me into pieces, and it really made me question who I am as a man, and what I can do better for the next one. So obviously when I do my daily science article to read I would pick the one about love, and how the brain picks its partner.

We as humans according to science tend to pick are partners, but always have a drawback to it because we always relate, and hold on to the negative aspect of our partners. When I think of this I think of myself, and I always saw myself as having several negative qualities, and yes my ex, I also saw her having many negative qualities, but I tend to think that I loved her so much that I overlooked them. However I am also different then most people when growing with depression I learn to see the good in everyone, or else the world would have eaten me alive years and years ago. While I’m in that awkward phase of trying to get out of this relationship hump, I have to realize that my brain will always hold on to the negative aspect for my partners, thus in turning I will eventually will have to learn to balance that out. However thus is life!

Thank you for reading, a little bit more depressing than usual, but eventually I will get over this. Thank you for listening.

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New found reason that proves that Dogs > Cats

Dogs helping a human


(I just want to start the article out with that I did not write the above article, I’m just posting a blog on MY views on the article.)

Welcome back to Dragonics blog, I’m back to doing blogs, and for 2016 I want to focus on reading more blogs on science, and history, and sports, and to kick off the new years I’m going to blog about man’s best friend. The dog!

They’re many reasons we like dogs. They do funny things like dry humping everything they see. The cuddle next to us when we sit down on the furniture. The love on us when it feels like we have nothing left in this world. ┬áThe last on in particular is a big reason we love having are animals. However debate has always been that do our dogs really love us?

When humans feel for other humans, we show a two things called sympathy, and empathy. Sympathy is where we feel sad or happy for others when they’re sad or happy. Empathy is where you understand what they’re going through emotionally, because you faced something similar.

Usually when we show empathy we usually mimic facial expressions, but we’re not the only ones. Orangutans do this too, and so do most species of ape.

Scientist in Italy did a study of several dogs in a dog park in Italy, and saw that dogs mimic other dogs while they’re playing. Not only movement but their facial expressions. ┬áScientist have study that since the copy movements are only followed by a fraction of a second. This suggest that the empathy feature on dogs is an innate ability. It’s something that they are born with. However it is not known if was bred in because the scientist have not study the dogs original cousin, wolves.

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